R8,400.00 Excl. V.A.T


The Hurricane HAD-4-110-0.75 solar borehole pump comes complete with 750W 110V submersible motor and automatic 110V control box. (Solar panels not included, requires 4 x 330W solar panels)

4″ Hybrid AC/DC brushless motor


Operating Conditions

  • Maximum fluid temperature : up to 35°C
  • Supports both AC and DC inputs
  • Minimum borehole diameter : 4″ (10.16cm)

Motor and Controller only

Voltage: 110V
Power: 750W
Best VMP: 110V-430V
VAC: 85V-300V
VOC: <450
IDC/AIC: <17
PV Panel Power: ≤1.3 Pump Power

Max RPM: 4000


Warranty : 12 Month

According to our general sales conditions


  • Power : 750W


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